This is great to see  – someone really walking the walk!

Andy’s house – “Green Cottage” – is an inspiration to anyone committed to improving the house they’ve got. It’s a great mix of everyday solutions and more advanced technologies. They have a wood burning stove with back boiler supplementing their Solar hot water. For power they have Solar panels as backup, and supplying a separate circuit in the house – so they are immune from blackouts – a great example to us all.

There’s even a whole, very useful, thread on Andy’s Solar PV installation over at Powerswitch – well worth reading to get an idea of all the intricacies of panels, batteries etc. It’s particularly interesting watching how he gets his daytime power consumption down to make the most use of the PV. And, in case my motivation ever wanes it’s worth reading Andy’s story about his power-independence during the power cuts in 2006 – you can find it here.