More energy companies increasing bills – The Guardian are saying that for the average customer, annual bills are £1,211-£1,328 a year, 5.4 million people are paying more than 10% of their income just for energy.

I love the comment from uSwitch:

Ann Robinson,’s director of consumer policy, said soaring bills posed “a huge threat” to standards of living. “Gas and electricity are essential commodities which have now become a luxury many cannot afford. The government needs to provide a strategic, regulatory, environment to ensure the lights stay on at an affordable price.”

Sounds like nationalisation would be a great idea – although then there’d be no need for price comparison websites like uSwitch!

This quote is clear and sensible, as long as you don’t have a peak-oil view of the world, as once you do you realise the challenges inherent with trying to reduce the cost of an increasingly scarce resource. Face it – bills are going to keep going up – gas, electricity, petrol/diesel, water. What we (and the government) can do is work out how we can live with those increasing bills – not waste time trying to turn back the tide.