A very tricky topic this one – demand for allotments is up across the country, and Trafford is no exception. Unless you have a friend who is having trouble keeping up with their allotment, and who might want to share, then the only thing to do is to get your name down on a waiting list. These are held by allotment secretaries, volunteers all, who have the hard job of explaining that it might be 10 years before you grow your first carrot.

We’re on the list for the allotments at De Quincey Road, and there are only fourteen people ahead of us. However there are only nine allotments, so it could still be a awhile! It never hurts to ask though – you can find the list of Allotment Secretaries at the Trafford Council website, but be nice to them, they’re not paid to listen to people complaining about the waiting lists!

If that list is too long for you, there is an alternative, the LandShare website. Just put in your postcode and you’ll find people nearby with large gardens they want to share. It’s well worth a go.

But do make sure you get on the waiting list for an allotment – and then start asking your local councillor what the council is going to do to ensure there are enough to go around. You can find details of your local councillors here. And you can always raise it at your local Neighbourhood forum.