Last year I heard about a great British invention – the Rotaire Dryline – and wrote a post about how it can help you get rid of your tumble dryer. Now we’re in the eco-house we’ve finally got the opportunity to put one in and see if it works as well as they say.

Well here’s our current dryer, a classic 4-arm model that came with the house. It’s nothing to look at, but does have a huge amount of drying space:


Now here’s what it looks like after I’ve spent 10 minutes fitting the Dryline. (It took me a little longer than the 5 minutes in their Demo Video, but most of that was spent trying to find a screwdriver)


Of course, once I fitted it the weather cleared up 🙂 . But a week later it got its first real test – just in time for today’s visit by the Radio Manchester Breakfast show team. Here is what it looks like in use:


The photo is deceptively light – it’s just finished raining, and the clothes under the cover are dry. They’ve dried overnight inspite of the rain. The only ones that are damp are the couple of items that were too close to the net.

So that looks like success to me. We’ve yet to go through a winter with it, but at the moment we’ll be using our Rotaire rather than buying a tumble dryer! You can get them online from Rotaire from £30.