Blimey, what a day. Been hard at it since about 8.30 this morning (OK, we knocked off at 3.30 to go to the park). And we stopped for lunch. And a few drink breaks in there too.

But all that aside, it’s been a hard day’s hot work here in sunny Sale. Luckily we roped in a friend to help, otherwise I’d still be digging holes! So here’s how the day went:

This is what we started with. 18 Packages, 200kg of flat-packed polytunnel, delivered promptly by First Tunnels.

Polytunnel parts

Here’s where it’s going to go – note the 1m-diameter Pampas grass I’ve got to remove first (back -left corner)

Polytunnel location

By 10.30 the Pampas grass was out, and the posts for the polytunnel hoops were all in the right places.

Polytunnel posts in place

By lunctime we had all-but-one of the posts buried in the ground, ready for the hoops. Look at that glorious sunny day!

Polytunnel posts all dug in

By 2.40 we had all the hoops up – this was a lot easier than digging the holes for the posts!

Polytunnel hoops

And then, one teabreak later, at 3.30 we had the ridgepole up too.

Polytunnel ridge up

Not bad for a first day’s effort. Would have been a nightmare on my own, but we have made good progress. If the weather hold there should be some good pics tomorrow too.