We’ve been a bit silent on progress on the Aquaponics recently. Not because stuff isn’t happening – quite the reverse! We’ve been so busy digging holes for the sumps and designing the growbed stands that we haven’t had a chance to tell you about it.

Here’s the hole for the large sump. It was only supposed to be 500mm deep but at the soil is so good and “easy” to dig I decided to take it down lower – to nearly 900mm. This should allow us to grow plants in the sumps as they’ll all get a bit more light.

Aquaponics - Sump

And here’s the sump in place:

Aquaponics - Sump - Large

Having got a little over-keen on the digging for the main sump I then had to drop the other two shallow sumps to the same level. The’re not as deep though, so only about 400mm of digging for these ones:

Aquaponics - Sump - Small Hole

And here they are, both in place:

Aquaponics - Sump - Small

Now I just have to connect the three sumps together and we’ll be ready for the growbed stands.

Looking back on it, digging these has been a labour of love. In a lot of ways I’d have been better off designing the system to have them all above ground. However my aim with this system is to get the most use as possible out of the space – so we’ll be trying to grow duckweed, water chestnuts, and possibly taro or wild rice in the sumps to give us true multi-level growing.

Maybe I should have just hired a little digger for the day. Or some Navvies!