We’re making slow and steady progress on the polytunnel now. We had put off doing all the timber work while we dug the beds inside the tunnel, and got all of the aquaponics system ready. However, with the delay we’ve had sorting out the stands for the aquaponic growbeds we decided to get the timberwork all done and the polythene up. At least that way we’ll have somewhere warm to garden as the weather gets chillier!

So we had a good go at the timber on the weekend – building doors (one large at the back, double doors at the front), door frames, and the timber rails that go around the bottom to attach the polythene to. We didn’t quite get it all done – the rails still have to be attached to the bottom of the polytunnel – but we do now have doors, and door frames attached to the tunnel. It’s starting to look almost finished! While it’s taken us a while we haven’t had any problems following the instructions – good job by First Tunnels.