Our own freshly-pressed apple juiceWent to a great cider-making workshop on Monday night. It was in Hulme, and organised as a joint workshop for Abundance Manchester and the Manchester Permaculture Network. It was a fun night – quartering the apples, shredding them and then crushing to get the juice, with a good break for eating all the delicious food everybody had brought to share. Everybody got some juice to take home too – we haven’t made ours into Cider, we drank it instead and it was delicious!

The workshop gave a good grounding of the basics – I’d need to do a bit more reading before I was confident to turn the juice into our own cider. I’d also learn how to pasteurise the juice so that we could bottle a year’s supply for the kids too.

As soon as our apple crops start to build up we’ll definitely look at making our own juice and cider. After all, cider is a great way to preserve apples for consumption through the year!

Here are some of the pictures from the workshop to give you an idea of the process:

Agnes (who did an excellent job of organising the event) and Matt (who did an excellent job of teaching us about cider making) putting the shredded apple into the press:

Pressing Apples to make juice

The first apple juice starting to flow:

The first apple juice

Matt showing us how to measure the sugar level in the juice, and therefore the anticipated alcohol level of your cider (6.5% in this case). You can see the apple shredded in the back of the shot – quite an impressive set of blades in there!

Measuring the alcohol potential

We start to run out of containers (and everyone has already drunk as much as they could!)

Bottles of Apple Juice

The finished product – delicious!

delicious apple juice