Polytunnel With Polythene

Finally, after much work inside and outside the polytunnel over the last few weeks, we have put the polythene onto the tunnel. We only just got there – had a full-on Sunday getting everything ready and then doing it. We haven’t finished yet – one end needs more battens, and we need to put the doors back on. We did manage to do it though, and just in time – the first frost of the season was last night, and while everything outside the polytunnel was frosty, everything inside was just a few degrees warmer, with no frost. Not bad bearing in mind we only got the cover on at dusk, so it didn’t have much time to heat up yesterday.

Here’s what it looked like just after we had finished – showing the fantastic lighting:

Polytunnel at night

Today we’ve started to put the completed growbed stands ¬†in. The growbeds now all have drain holes in their bases and the drains are almost all in place. We’ve even connected all the sumps together (nice big 110 mm pipe). Now I just need to get the tubing and fittings for the drains and inlets and we’ll be ready to start the system up.

Here are some more pics of the growbeds and stands:

Steel & Timber growbed stand:

Aquaponic Growbed Stand

With growbed in place:

Aquaponic Growbed

Showing the three linked sumps:

Aquaponic Sumps

And a frosty growbed sitting outside the polytunnel:

Frosty Aquaponic Growbed