July 2010

Yesterday we lost our first fish – she got caught up in the net that is over the top of the tank to stop then jumping out!

Feeling a bit sad that we’ve lost one already, but it did give us a chance to weigh and measure one accurately. We’d been working on a weight of about 10g and thought they were about 4″ long. The one who came out is 18g and 4.5″! So now we understand why they were a bit hungrier than expected – we’ve upped their feed from 30g/day to 45g/day (about 1% of body weight). Here’s the pic of the little one who sacrificed herself so that the rest could get properly fed:

They’re a little shy, so no photos yet, but we do have 100 little trout swimming around.

I’ll try and get some pictures when they’ve settled in!

Rainbow trout to be exact! We should be getting tiny (10g) Rainbow trout for our system tomorrow, so I thought it was time for a quick celebratory update:

Now we’re into Summer, our Carbon Footprint results are well overdue:

Our Energy Consumption: 2559 kWh

Our Carbon Footprint: 648 kg of CO2

And, as we’re still with Good Energy, who only supply electricity from renewable sources,  we can remove electricity from our carbon footprint:

Our carbon footprint with 100% renewable electricity: 550 kg

So there we go – going down, albeit affected by the driving from our recent holiday. We need to work on getting the gas down further though.