What & Where is the Trafford Eco-House?

The Trafford Eco House is an everyday 3-bed mid-war house, typical of the majority of housing in the South and West of Sale. In common with a lot of its peers it’s now got PVC double glazing, cavity wall insulation, and loft insulation, so it’ll already be performing a lot better than it would have when built in 1934.

Over the next few months and years our aim is to make the house, and our lifestyle in it, as sustainable and resilient as possible. We’re going to try to reduce our dependance on fossil fuels for heating, cooking and travel and find new, non-fossil fuel ways of doing everyday things. We’re going to be looking at everything from changing our lightbulbs to alternative heating systems and new ways of growing our own food.

Who lives here?

Just an everyday family-of-four with two small kids to keep amused. We’ll not be doing this on our own though – we’re going to be helped and inspired by our partners at Urban Grown and Trafford Council, and will draw heavily on the expertise of the many local groups already doing great work in these areas.

Why are you doing this?

The era of cheap energy is gone – particularly here in Britain where North Sea oil is declining at an ever-increasing rate. If we want a decent quality of life for us and our kids we need to start making changes now – changes to the amount of fossil-fuel energy we consume. We could do this slowly and quietly, but there’s no joy to sitting here warm and well-fed while neighbours and friends get hungry and cold. So, inspired by the Manchester Eco-House, we’re going to share our experiences along the way – to show what we can do (and probably also what we can’t).

Can I come and look at what you’ve done?

Absolutely – that’s the point! We’re here to show that normal people CAN make a difference – so feel free to come along and see how we’re going. Just drop us a line first using the contact form, and we’ll get back to you to work out a good time.

I’ve got a great new gizmo that will really help you – can you tell everybody about it?

If you’ve got a great new eco wotsit that will help the house then we’re happy to shout about it for you. If it’s just a pathetic piece of greenwash then be careful – because we’ll tell everybody that too!

Drop us a line using the contact form and we’ll talk to you about what you have to offer and what we can do to help you promote it.

9 Responses to “About the Trafford Eco-House”

  1. hoon Says:

    I am trying to do the same thing in Salford. I’ve got a three bed semi as well.
    Have already got my allotment and it’s pretty well insulated. Want some solar panels.Can we put our heads together perhaps? Hoon

    1. lepotager Says:

      Hi there Hoon,

      I’ll drop you a line with contact details. Thanks for your interest and keep up the good work!


  2. Abigail Says:


    We chatted a few weeks ago at Friends of the Earth. I was wondering if you had had any experience of clay or Hempire plaster or had had your walls reskimmed by a plaster who was competent at using these eco-friend alternatives?



    1. lepotager Says:

      Hi there Abigail, We haven’t used any of those yet, the best place to ask would be on the Green Building Forum – http://www.greenbuildingforum.co.uk there is alot of information on there about all sorts of techniques.



    2. Rachel Hammond Says:

      Hi Abigail,
      I can put you in touch with someone who understands clay and lime plasters very well.

      1. lepotager Says:

        Thanks Rachel, I’ll make sure Abi gets your message.


  3. Hi Andrew

    Just want to say it was great to see that we have such a good intiative in Trafford. We are Trafford Green Party set up in 2007 – so still new and building. I would love to come and see your house – but after the elections. Please look at what we stand for in the meantime – we are small but growing- and especially in Brighton Norwich Lambeth and Lancaster!
    Best wishes
    margaret westbrook
    gP parliamentary candidate for Strtford and Urmston

  4. polythenepam Says:

    Hi Just want to say what a great project _ I will be following it with interest. If you ever have an open day do let me know – I would love to visit. xpam

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