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Win an efergy Shower Timer

Would you like a Christmas gift from the Trafford Eco-House?

Thanks to ecooutlet we’ve got an efergy Shower Timer to give away. To be in with a chance to win you just need to signed up to get our updates by email – if you’re not already getting email updates from us just click here to subscribe.

We’ll draw the competition on December 23rd, and you’ll need to pop in to the Trafford Eco-House to pick up your prize – good luck!

We’ve currently got one of these on test too – expect a review soon!

This morning we awoke to the first frost of the season, which probably means it’s our first frost for about six years. I just thought it was worth recording the date so we can use it to plan next year’s planting and harvesting.

For the record, the forecast was 2°C !

We’ve not been posting much the last two days because we’ve been busy getting the word out, with great results. It’s been a crazy couple of days, but here are the results:

Normal service will resume shortly. We’re about to order the polytunnel and have been busy mulching trees, changing energy suppliers, and other exciting tasks.

Hi there, and welcome to the website for the Trafford eco-house, our little patch of 3-bed pre-war eco heaven in sunny Sale, south-west Manchester. To ensure you don’t miss any of our successes or failures you can click here and get updates by email or follow our eco-nattering on Twitter:

You can find out what the Trafford eco-house is all about on the About page, and don’t forget to have a look at what our partners are up to: Urban Grown and Trafford Council.

In an interesting article on the Obama approach to Peak Oil, The Huffington Post reports that ExxonMobil have declared that U.S. Gasoline Consumption peaked in 2008.

Even the oil patch’s biggest cheerleaders, ExxonMobil, who earlier helped frighten a public and a market to $147/bbl oil, now finds itself obligated to acknowledge that that U.S. consumption of gasoline has peaked.

 The article goes on to propose that remaining Oil and Gas reserves be taken into a National Oil Trust – essentially nationalising the U.S. Oil industry. Very interesting.

From today’s Guardian – “G20 forgets the environment“:

“We, the Leaders of the Group of Twenty, will use every cent we don’t possess to rescue corporate capitalism from its contradictions and set the world economy back onto the path of unsustainable growth. We have already spent trillions of dollars of your money on bailing out the banks, so that they can be returned to their proper functions of fleecing the poor and wrecking the Earth’s living systems. Now we’re going to spend another $1.1 trillion. As an exemplary punishment for their long record of promoting crises, we will give the IMF and the World Bank even more of your money. These actions constitute the greatest mobilisation of resources to support global financial flows in modern times.

Oh – and we nearly forgot. We must do something about the environment. We don’t have any definite plans as yet, but we’ll think of something in due course.”

Tragically accurate. Doesn’t that just sum it up?

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