We’ve been trying to reduce our carbon footprint in lots of ways, but I still love to travel. To try and square that circle we have stopped flying. I’ve had to get on a plane for work, but as a family we haven’t flown on holiday for nearly three years.

The great thing is, living in Britain, that there are loads of great holidays we can still have by road, rail, and sea. Some of those holidays can be a bit trickier to plan than the average package holiday, so I’ve teamed up with some good friends to share what we’ve learned. Together we have put together a site – RoadRailAndSea.co.uk – with all our experiences, and we’re adding to it all the time.

So whether you’re after a weekend in Brussels with Eurostar or – my favourite – an overnight train to Venice, we have found a range of great places to go, and you never have to wait in Airport security again . . .

That’s a question we’re often asked at the moment, so maybe it’s worth taking a moment to think about it.

First off, I don’t any great desire to be a fish-keeper. We don’t have an aquarium full of tropical fish, or even a pond full of Koi. Let’s be clear about this, we’re going to eat these fish. They won’t have names and they will end up on plates.

In 1988 we hit “Peak Fish“, the largest catch of wild fish in the world, at 78 million tonnes. Fish are really good for you – great protein, and the right healthy fats. If we lose them then we have to depend even more on the other protein sources, which for most people means more meat – more cows, sheep, pigs and chicken. All the environmental considerations say we should be trying to eat less meat not more, and the ever-increasing price of oil will continue to increase the cost of raising livestock.

So how are we going to ensure that we – and especially our growing kids – get access to the best possible nutrients? We’re going to grow them ourselves.

With Aquaponics we can ensure that we have year-round access to fresh fish, plus it’ll help us grow the majority of our fresh veg requirements.