Our Aquaponic Polytunnel

Our Aquaponic Polytunnel

OK, here’s the latest iteration of our Aquaponic System. I’ve managed to squeeze another two small growbeds in, and have added the pipes to help show how it works . I’ve mainly been working on the planting list to see how well it’s going to do at feeding us all, and from that I’ve realised that some seedling-prep areas will be required, you can see these lattice-style designs at the right-hand end, designed to be a great spot for sowing and storing seedling prior to planting out in the beds.

I’ve even added a small non-aquaponic bed under the south-facing row of growbeds – shown here in green. I’m going to try peanuts in there as they should like the temperature and they are just the right height to fit under the growbeds. It’ll be an interesting experiment!

As we get closer to the D-Day of actually having a garden to work on it’s time to start setting some priorities. My current thoughts are that I want to spend the first year getting the gross, permanent structure of the garden in place: the fruit and nut trees, asparagus, fruit canes (raspberry, blackberry etc), edible hedges, and to get our Aquaponics setup started.

In the second year I want to get our core vegetables going and then start to dally with some of the more esoteric options: mushrooms, peanuts etc. But lets just get through the first year first!

I had thought that growing peanuts wasn’t possible in the U.K., but apparently, in a greenhouse, you can get them to grow and fruit. They can be tricky though – so maybe a second- or third-year project. I do love my peanut butter though – it’s not something I want to have to do without in a Post-Peak-Oil future!

Here are a couple of good links to give the most basic introduction to growing peanuts: