A strange mid-winter warm spell has me feeling ridiculously springlike. In contrast to the -10c we were experiencing before Christmas, it’s now a balmy +12c. It’s not just me noticing the change – the garden is awakening. The broad-leaved sorrel is the first of the perennials to re-emerge from the softening ground, and the ivory shoots of our new bulbs show that our ever-hungry squirrels have failed to eat all of them and that my dreams of woodland drifts of snowdrops and bluebells may yet come to pass! 

No problem with mud in the garden this morning, it went down to -1.7°C last night in the garden, and even the inside of the polytunnel was down to -1°C.

The ground in the garden is pretty solid now, but has remained a little soft in the polytunnel. The cold snap has seen the water temperature drop from 9°C down to 7°C.

Here’s how the ‘allotment’ is going:

The onions, garlic and purple-sprouting  broccoli should be all frost hardy, so let’s see how they go!

The frost patterns on the inside of the polytunnel are pretty amazing, not sure I’ve ever seen anything like this:


This morning we awoke to the first frost of the season, which probably means it’s our first frost for about six years. I just thought it was worth recording the date so we can use it to plan next year’s planting and harvesting.

For the record, the forecast was 2°C !